Career Talk | My Emirates Timeline

By request from emails I have been receiving, I am publishing my time line on here so you can see the progress. From start to finish, it was taken roughly 6 months from applying to starting. So for those reading and following my progress, here's a look at my timeline for Emirates.

Applied: 31/08/14
AUR: 15/08/14
OD: 13/09/14
AD: 14/09/14
FI:   17/09/14
IC : 30/09/14
On hold successful email: 19/10/14
GC: 07/12/14
FA: 29/12/14 
DOJ: 06/02/15 

Please note a word of caution: everyone's timelines are different and there really isn't a definite time when you should expect to hear, or receive a change in your application status. My advice would be to be patience, do not compare your timeline strictly to others in your interview batch. Keep networking online through the forums, and social media sites, and enjoy the time you have left with your family and friends.

Career Talk | My Golden Call from Emirates | December 2014

So the moment I have been waiting for has arrived. It's actually been around 2 weeks since I received my 'golden call' on Sunday 7th December at 10.16 GMT precisely! In the previous week, I heard alot of girls from my final interview group receive their calls. I followed a group on Facebook called 'On hold' where lots of people from October appeared to be getting dates of joining before me. To be frankly honest, after being on hold for 8 weeks, I was beginning to wonder if it was going to happen at all. As much as I loved the supportive nature of that group, I was starting to feel a little depressed seeing all the happy statuses. That may sound little negative but something so important wears away your patience after so long. Only human after all.

On that Sunday morning, I woke up far too early but it had become abit of a routine for my body clock.  The first thing I do is check my phone for the time, then messages and updates on Facebook. Again, my news feed was full of  people congratulating others on their success, to which I joined in because I cannot help but be excited for everyone. I had that moment of butterflies in my stomach as I signed into the Emirates Careers website to check my application status...

...and there it was, those 4 beautiful words: JOINING FORMALITIES IN PROGRESS

At that moment (and as cringeworthy as it my sound), I actually developed the skill to fly out of my bed very quickly and danced up and down with joy. I was ecstatic to see those few words because it meant that everything I has worked for was starting to become very real.

My flat is terrible for signal so I had to find a spot where I could leave my phone on charge. I did not have many plans for Sunday was confident that I could be available if that call happened. And so it did, around mid morning. I was washing up the dishes (how glamorous...but just keeping it real) then my phone started buzzing. I could see the number was from the UAE.

This was it. I answered it calmly. I vaguely remember the call now but she advised me that my application for Cabin crew with Emirates had been successful, and congratulated me. She asked afew questions about my notice period and when I could join. My original joining date was going to be the 30th January 2015 but I said that I need to give notice on the flat I am renting and plus it was too close to my birthday weekend but. So she asked if the 6th February would be OK. I snapped up the date because I didn't want to push my luck any further. She informed me that I would receive an email within the next couple of working days with my candidate portal details. I received it within an hour of the phone call.

Fashion | Accessories Tuesday: Michael Kors iPad Sleeve

 It's the first week of December! Horray! I started my Christmas shopping at last. The high street was not so bad in Preston though I could think of better places to spend my Saturday afternoons. Anyway , I enjoyed my browse through TK Maxx and picked up this number from the accessories department. I've been looking for a black sleeve for my iPad Mini for some time and found this simple, and stylish one by Micheal Kors. I picked up a bargin here. It was £16.99 reduced from £69.99. It's ideal for people that like classic and elegant designs that coordinates with most handbags. The finish in a black matt texture with gold lining inside to protect the iPad for damage. perfect for someone like me who travels with their iPad to most places. 

Career Talk | Post 'On Hold' Wait With Emirates

September was the month when I turned up at an Open Day in Leeds, swallowed my nerves back down into my stomach, and took a step forward in the right direction. It's been 75 days since my final interview. I've had my on hold email for 7 weeks and the wait is beginning to drive me slightly insane again. 

Shortly after my final interview, I joined a group on facebook called 'Emirates: Approval in Progress'. It's been going for over a year now and has over 7000 members. It's a very supportive network where everyone can keep in touch and provide details about their timeline, and experiences. It seems the majority of people that where interviewed in September/ October have been put on hold with the exceptional few. So one of the girls set up a group called 'On Hold' and again, it's somewhere to get support from and keep track on who is getting 'golden calls'.

I'm doing as much as possible to try and prepare myself without getting overly excited. In the back of my head I have this little voice that keeps me in check. After all. I haven't officially been offered any employment yet, but a prospective offer. 

Since my 'on hold email' email, I felt quite relieved that I had finally made it through the toughest part of the recruitment stages. Now, I needed to rest my mind and start thinking about my life in Dubai. It's very easy to say, "no, I'm not going to think that far ahead". But seriously, you have got to let yourself dream alittle, and indulge. With that being said, it is difficult to sit back and wait for that phone. I'm trying not to think too much about it. 

Last Sunday, after a long period of silent from Emirates, a number of people from September FI's started to get their golden calls. We all got excited. It meant that they were in the process of confirming training dates for the new year. People where getting dates for the 31st Dec, 1st, 8th, and 9th Jan. so exciting for them all. That week following, I didn't get a call but then rather did anyone from the small group of future friends I met at the AD and FI. 

At the moment, I'm having to also put any future plans on hold. This will be my last Christmas in the UK for potentially a couple of years so I'm making plans to see my friends, and friends. It's my birthday at the end of January. Due to Christmas and lack of funds, I usually celebrate it in the first weekend of Febuary. Then there are two of my closest friends getting married early in the new year, and I cannot RSVP them yet, and the tenancy on my flat is on a rolling contract with the view to fully renew if I don't get the call soon. So much to sort out. 

Although I wish I knew my date of joining, I don't have it. So, for the time being I will carry on reading blog posts, forums, and speaking to future Emirates crew online. I consider myself extremely lucky to be in such a great position right now. I have my circle of close friends, and family near me, I have financially stable job, a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and a potential dream for the new year. 

Lifestyle | Budget Planner from Paperchase

Being 'on hold' for 6 weeks with Emirates is doing crazy things to my head. In the meantime, I cannot help but notice things online or on the high street where I think 'Ooooh that'll help for when I'm cabin crew, Ooooh that would be nice to have in Dubai'. Two weeks ago I visited the Christmas markets in Manchester, and had a wonderful time. On my walk through, I popped into Paperchase to pick up some craft things. 

Now, I don't know about you, but I love stationary. My eyes are glazing over all the clean, freshly wrapped and untouched stationery that is all pretty and perfect. Omg, I have a problem. Anyway, I came across this budget planner and got rather over excited. I have read alot of Emirates blogs over the past couple of months, and it appears that some crew members lack abit of self control and binge their wages on crap. So, I bought this budget planner with the view to help me out over the first couple of months whilst out in Dubai. 

I am aware that we will get an advance on our wages for the first month. However, this has to be paid back over the next 2 wages so money is going to be abit tight. It is highly unlikely for me that I will be able to take much savings so this budget planner will hopefully keep me stay on the straight and narrow. It's full of practical advice on saving money, and provides information how to improve you budgeting skills. It's also cleverly organised into different sections, and gives a month by month planner. I love the fact that it's got little pockets inside to hold receipts. 

You can get this little beaut from much Paperchase stores or online here. Click the link to direct you to the website. It's suitable for anyone's budgeting needs. 

Career Talk | Emirates Successful On Hold Email

Yay! I've finally heard something. I'm so pleased that I have been successful in getting this far. Now, I am just waiting that phone call. Who knows when that's going on be. At least I know I'll be home for Christmas so can relax. 

Career Talk | My Emirates Final Interview September 2014

On Wednesday 17th September 2014, I had my final interview with Emirates. To be honest, I felt that the hardest part was over. After all the information I had read online about getting through the assessment day it was easier to see how people let the process get to them. 

There is plenty of literature on the website that can prepare you for interview style situations. I have done enough interviews now to feel quietly confident. You don't have another candidates observing and judging your 'performance'. Its time for you and the interviewer to get to know the professional and personal aspects about you. 

I arrived to my interview early. It was back in the hotel where it all started, The Marriot Hotel in Leeds. A gentleman met me in the reception area and informed the recruiter that I had arrived. Patiently, I read the newspaper to keep a grip on my nerves. Just before 8.30, I was sent upto the boardroom and asked to wait outside.

The recruiter warmly welcomed me back and asked me to sit down. She asked me for all the paperwork and photos required. Whilst she was checking all the information, she asked me to read for information regarding their policy on grooming, serving alcohol and tattoos. I agreed to all. This is a good time to clarify any questions you have on the above. 

I was asked the following questions: 
  • Why do you want to be Cabin Crew?
  • Describe a time when you have gone above and beyond for a customer. Why? 
  • Describe a time when you have gone above and beyond for a colleague or team member. Why?
  • Tell me about a time when you have been culturally sensitive towards a costumer or collegue. 
  • Tell me about a time when you have bent the rules for a customer. Why? 

Throughout the whole time, the recruiter was very positive and clear in the information she was after. She really puts your nerves at ease. Then she finished up and explained that all information, observations done during the assessment day, and photos would be sent in a file to Dubai. I should expect to hear something within 8 weeks. 

That's pretty much it. Afterwards, I made my way home to change, then off to work as if it was a normal day. This is probably going to feel like the longest wait following a job interview. For the roles I've gone for, I pretty much find out on the same day, or the day after if I have been successful. My final tips are to be prepared, be honest, and give clear information. The recruiter has alot of information to record.

**Update: My online status finely changed from application under review to interview complete. Thats given me some relief in knowing that my file as reached Dubai. I'm still eager to know if I've been successful**

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